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Bagaèt Novello I.G.T.

Taste of early autumn, ahead of fonts and colors of the new harvest. Inviting for its purplish color with violet reflections and the intensity of its aromas of strawberry, raspberry and blueberry , vinous perceive the aromas of wine . Leaves in your mouth good freshness and pleasant flavor and scent . It is tasted young , very good pairing with meats and soups.
Vinification: The ' grapes are picked and placed in boxes in a very delicate way trying not to break the berries . The whole bunches are put in the barrel hermetically closed , for a period ranging from 7 to 20 days at a temperature of about 30 ° after saturation with CO2. After the carbonic maceration proceed to racking , pressing puffs there and then completes the fermentation at a controlled temperature .
Type of grapes : Merlot , Sangiovese .
Alcohol content: 12,5% vol.
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