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Producing quality sparkling wines is also possible in the absence of deep-rooted tradition when the rigidity of production becomes priority. Our sparkling wine shows a bright straw yellow in color , with fine and persistent. Intense and fragrant with the scent immediate perception of toast notes and hints of yeast and crusty bread to lead then to those of hazelnut. Elegant, dry , and dry with a pleasant acidity .
Perfect with fish and shellfish.
Winemaking: born from the selection of the best grapes harvested in late August at the right point of acidity and sugars. The classic method is a system of winery particular : first the base is prepared with sparkling wine and white after a few months the must is bottled with added sugar and yeast for fermentation in the bottle with crown cap . Is left to rest for 36 months in special rooms , with the right temperature and in the absence of light. It then proceeds to the elimination of the lees from the bottle before with today's remouage on pupitres disgorgement and then to proceed to the final capping with cork.
Type of grapes : Chardonnay -  Pinot Noir.
Alcohol content: 13% vol.
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