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Bright straw yellow, unfolds in obvious hints of flowers that fade to pink by the sage , introducing fruity notes of peach and apricot.
The fine and persistent on the palate gives sweetness is not cloying because it is well tempered by the freshness. Beautiful fragrances are back with elegant and balanced interpretation in the mouth . It goes well with desserts and in particular those stuffed .
Winemaking: After harvesting, with careful selection of the grapes when ripe , it makes wine in white. The juice is bottled after a few months in fermentation , then follow the various stages in the production of classic method : fermentation for a few months , riddling on pupitres for decanting the sediment of fermentation , disgorgement , final capping with cork.
Type of grapes : 100% Moscato Giallo .
Alcohol content: 9% vol .
The particularity of this wine is that it is produced with the classic method . Only with proven techniques with years of work we were able to control the pressure of fermentation in the bottle, an objective difficulty of production capacity to recognize this rare companies .
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