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Olio extravergine di Oliva

EXCERPT FROM COLD : Our extra virgin olive oil is produced in the hilly areas of the province of Mantua in the vicinity of Lake Garda. The location, the altitude and the calcareous nature of these soils are especially suitable for growing olives .
CHARACTERISTICS: It ' a delicate oil fragrant taste with a slight aftertaste of artichoke, the scent is fruity and reminiscent of the scent of the fresh fruit and healthy olive. It has a golden-yellow color with green highlights.
Extra virgin olive oil of the " Rich" , pure olive juice , is a healthy food rich in trace elements valuable to our cells . These beneficial properties are typical only of the oil obtained in strict compliance of proper cultivation systems , a thorough pressing of olives, its packaging and preservation. Our extra virgin olive oil has an acidity media packaging less than 0.5% .
PROCESSING: During the months of October, November and December the olives are picked when ripe and taken to the mill during the day ; are then milled and processed with the extraction of oil cold to maintain the natural organoleptic properties .
QUALITY ' OF OLIVE : The olives for this production are the varieties Favarolo , Leccino and Frantoio .